Most recently, my office has had an influx of post-bankruptcy discharge questions. In other words, I have past clients or past bankruptcy filers coming into my office to visit with me regarding certain post-bankruptcy creditor experiences.

These experiences vary in nature. Some are such that relate to the person’s credit report, while others may relate to other types of post-bankruptcy creditor collection activity. It’s important that those who file for bankruptcy always remember that the United States Bankruptcy Court is there for you.

Bankruptcy filing is one of the most efficient ways to protect those who are in debt. In speaking with my clients, I find myself having a deep sense of empathy because no client walks into my office and is proud for having to file for bankruptcy. It can be a very difficult decision surrounded by all sorts of feelings and impressions. But bankruptcy is an integral part of America’s market and is meant to provide those the fresh start that they need to move forward with life. And, the Bankruptcy Court takes that very seriously!

If you have filed for bankruptcy and successfully completed your case, but creditors included in that bankruptcy are either reporting to the credit bureaus in a derogatory manner, or are otherwise contacting you for collection purposes, then the Bankruptcy Court can and will sanction those creditors. The sanctions vary depending upon the type of violations.

Therefore, be sure to monitor your credit reports, answer the unknown and 1-800 numbers, and open up all of your mail. If you believe that you are experiencing improper post-bankruptcy creditor activity, schedule an appointment with a Bankruptcy Attorney. Here at Tudhope Law, I have obtained sanctions which included 5 figure judgments, and even a full satisfaction of a mortgage on a home. You have already worked so hard to get through your bankruptcy; you deserve to reap all the benefits of the bankruptcy discharge. Call us today at (407) 969-0044 or fill out the online form provided on this page and we will contact you shortly!

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